Chances are, you’ve spent the past several months dreaming of the day you finally get to meet the tiny human growing inside you. It’s week 35 of your pregnancy, you’ve already stocked up on baby clothes, set up the nursery, installed the infant car seat, and maybe even lined up some helpers to make the transition back home with a new baby smoother.

But did you forget one of the most important things on your checklist? That is to decide what to pack in your HOSPITAL BAG. Your due date is getting close, so now will be the best time to gather all the necessities you'll need during labor and after your baby is delivered. You don’t want to forget to pack any essentials, but there’s also no reason to over pack things.

Read on the list for the essentials to pack in your hospital bag:

  1. Bring along a belly band that can be used immediately after delivery.

A stretchable and breathable belly band that can be used for natural birth and C-section delivery can assist in uterus recovery and holds your abdominal muscles together.

Get postnatal belly band here!

  1. Don’t forget to bring a high-rise antibacterial panty that is silky soft and ultra-stretchy.

Mamaway’s panties are designed for pregnancy and post-natal wear (especially after a C-section to protect your wound), and the antibacterial material keeps you clean and odor free.

Get anti-bacterial panties here!

  1. Of course, and a crossover bra that you can sleep and nurse in.

Easily accessible pull-down design, plus the antibacterial and quick drying material, make Mamaway’s crossover bra the perfect bra for breastfeeding at night.

Get crossover bra here!

  1. Throw in some breathable and hypoallergenic breast pad that is gentle on your skin to allow your sore nipples a chance to heal.

Ever heard about the let-down reflex? Your breast milk might leak without warning, anywhere and anytime, even when your baby isn’t near you. A breast pad will be your new best friend to prevent that awkward leak when your friends and family come visit you in the hospital!


  1. Don’t skip on a nursing pajama that allows you to breastfeed whenever and wherever.

Pajama with unique nursing opening will allow you to nurse easily & discreetly. No need to look for a nursing room or put on fiddly nursing covers anymore.

  1.  And remember that a moon pillow will be your perfect snuggle companion during pregnancy and an invaluable aid to breastfeed your newborn after you delivered.

Mamaway’s moon pillow is antibacterial, anti-odor, breathable and quick dry. It can prevent De Quervain syndrome from holding your baby while breastfeeding, and it is safe and gentle for you and your baby’s skin.

Get maternity & nursing pillow here!

  1.  Looking for a tool to bring your baby home? Baby sling keeps your hands-free and distributes the weight evenly on your back.

Do you know that skin-to-skin contact has dramatic positive effects on both mommies and babies? Baby Sling keeps your baby close to you and provides a womb-like effect for your baby.

Get baby sling here!

  1. And finally, with all the essentials to pack, a compact, practical and durable backpack can help you carry all the necessities.  

From diapers to breast pads, to baby wipes and baby sling, pack everything in the bag and you’re good to go! Also, what’s better than a backpack that comes with a mini matching backpack that your little one can use when he grows up?

High five! You're 8 steps closer to getting ready for your delivery!

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Find Your Perfect Fit

It's hard to know which size to buy when you are pregnant and in between sizes.
Please use the following tips as a guide to help you decide which size to buy.

It's hard to know which size to buy when you are pregnant and in between sizes.  please use the following tips as a guide to help you decide which size to buy.


We recommend you stay with your pre-pregnancy size when choosing maternity wear. The main changes will be in your bust.

* Not all sizes available in all styles 



To get your size, start at your belly button and go all the way around then match your measurement to the corresponding size.

For our recovery shaper tops, we suggest you choose one size smaller than your normal clothing size for a better fit.


Early stages of pregnancy: please use your pre-pregnancy body size.
Close to your due date : please select one size smaller than your current size.


During Pregnancy: Our under bust size will gradually increase as your baby grows, for up to one cup size.
Postnatal: Avoid buying maternity bras in the first two weeks, as your bust (cup size) will increase significantly to prepare for breastfeeding. It usually settles in the second week.

* Not all sizes available in all styles