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Breastfeeding is becoming increasingly popular after facing a tough competition from formula for years. The benefits and nutritional value of breastfeeding are gaining prominence and being highlighted by medical professionals around the world. Countless studies have shown the benefits of breastfeeding range from post pregnancy weight loss for mommies to improved emotional development for babies. Nursing is a big part of bringing...


Parents often get emotional when they talk about their children. How did they grow up so quickly? When did my little baby become so mature? Where did all that time go? These are common expressions parents use in awe of their little angels when they’re not so little anymore. Unfortunately we haven’t cracked the code to trap time yet so...


In our previous posts we have explained the benefits of ring sling on babies and mommies. But before buying any product, the first things we assess mentally is the pros and cons of the purchase. In other words, what are the pros and cons of ring slings. Now that we know the benefits of a ring sling, we need to understand...


When you engage in babywearing, you can be going through pain and discomfort when it is not used correctly or not the right product for you. Some new parents might think this is the norm and try to overlook the pain and discomfort as the sacrifices for their little one. But guess what, when done correctly, babywearing through a ring sling should not...


A ring sling allows you to spend closer and intimate moments with your little one. Apart from the obvious sense of happiness parents and babies get from being close to each other, there are physical and emotional benefits of babywearing. Let’s face it, ring slings are the most economical babywearing option out there. So, we’ve compiled a list of 3...



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Find Your Perfect Fit

It's hard to know which size to buy when you are pregnant and in between sizes.
Please use the following tips as a guide to help you decide which size to buy.

It's hard to know which size to buy when you are pregnant and in between sizes.  please use the following tips as a guide to help you decide which size to buy.


We recommend you stay with your pre-pregnancy size when choosing maternity wear. The main changes will be in your bust.

* Not all sizes available in all styles 



To get your size, start at your belly button and go all the way around then match your measurement to the corresponding size.

For our recovery shaper tops, we suggest you choose one size smaller than your normal clothing size for a better fit.


Early stages of pregnancy: please use your pre-pregnancy body size.
Close to your due date : please select one size smaller than your current size.


During Pregnancy: Our under bust size will gradually increase as your baby grows, for up to one cup size.
Postnatal: Avoid buying maternity bras in the first two weeks, as your bust (cup size) will increase significantly to prepare for breastfeeding. It usually settles in the second week.

* Not all sizes available in all styles