Halloween with Ring Sling

Halloween is only a week away. And it’s that time of the year when kids decorate pumpkins and go trick-or-treating. Adults in the neighborhood stock up on candies and chocolates to make sure each little one that knocks on their door does not go back home empty handed. Regardless of you being old or young, dressing up is part of the day. If you have a toddler you’re probably deciding which costume will make them look the cutest. But what about Halloween for parents with infants, do they need to give baby’s first Halloween a pass?

Absolutely not, we have some fun dress up ideas for mommies and daddies for a Halloween with ring sling. Think of how cute the pictures would turn out. You certainly don’t want to give that a miss.

babywearing halloween

Photo courtesy: www.pinterest.com

Participate in all the fun with your infant wrapped around you in a ring sling as part of the costume. This is particularly handy for parents that have older children and infants. They don’t have to disappoint their older children because baby can participate in all the fun. Now that logistics management is in place, go through our list of costume ideas for mommies and daddies using a ring sling.

  1. Color coordinate with outfit: You can wear any costume you’d like and babywear your little one with a ring sling. A color that does not clash will make the ring sling complement the costume.
  2. Focus on creating a headgear: Infants can be easily snuggled in your ring sling with a cute headgear as part of an outfit you’re wearing. Babies in a ring sling might be more comfortable minus super fancy costumes but plus cute headgear.
  3. Don’ alter the ring sling: As a safety precaution make sure you don’t get too creative and alter your ring sling. Ring slings are designed to promote comfortable and safe babywearing, altering them could alter their purpose.

Your little munchkin is adorable before putting on a costume. So, wearing a costume will only notch up the cuteness quotient. Some tried and tested costume ideas for babies include:


baby animal

Photo courtesy: www.babyanimalzoo.com

Super Hero

baby superhero

Photo courtesy: www.pinterest.com

Disney Character

baby disney

Photo courtesy: www.mamaway.com

Tiny Professional

baby professional

Photo courtesy: plus.google.com

Cartoon Character

baby cartoon

Photo courtesy: www.polyvore.com

Fruits & Vegetable

baby fruit

Photo courtesy: www.craftgawker.com


baby mini you

Photo courtesy: www.pregnancyandbaby.com

Toy Character

baby barbie

Photo courtesy: www.ledchristmaslighting.com

Video Game Character

baby mario

Photo courtesy: www.myhalloweenland.com

Comic Book Character

baby comic

Photo courtesy: www.officialmarvelcostumes.com

All the costumes can be easily created with felt, construction paper and a little creativity. Remember to focus on the headgear and co-ordinate the ring sling with your and baby’s outfit. Also, if you are thinking of a keeper ring sling beyond the costume then choose one from the extensive Mamaway collection now!

Let us know which ring sling you chose with your costume this Halloween. Please share pictures of your little angel and costume. We look forward to pumpkins, sweet savories and your pictures. Hope you enjoy dressing up and have a Happy Halloween!

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It's hard to know which size to buy when you are pregnant and in between sizes.
Please use the following tips as a guide to help you decide which size to buy.

It's hard to know which size to buy when you are pregnant and in between sizes.  please use the following tips as a guide to help you decide which size to buy.


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